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2003 "Prepare the way for the King" Prayer Convocation
1 CD
By George Annadorai, Rev. Kong Hee, Ps Dr Ir Niko Njotorahardjo, Rev. Tom Hess & Pastor Ulf Ekman
15 hours

The Asia-Oceania Prayer Convocation organised by Bethany Church Singapore and Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations saw more than 2,200 delegates from over 40 nations gathered together in united and prophetic prayer to intercede and to "Prepare the way for the King of Glory", the theme for the Convocation.

This all-in-one interactive MP3 CD covers the proceedings of the 6-day Convocation which includes keynote messages by Rev Tom Hess(Jerusalem), Ps Kong Hee & Ps Geprge Annadorai(Singapore), Ps Niko (Indonesia), PsUlf Ekman(Sweden), Ps CS Lee(South Korea) as well as more than 25 mission presentations from the Bethany Gate, Golden Gate
and Lions Gate countries.
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SGD $20.00

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about the speaker
Pastor George Annadorai was the founder and senior pastor of the Lord's Family Church. He has also been serving as a committee member of the Love Singapore movement in overseeing the network of Tamil churches.

Ps George has over the recent years given himself fully to the study of the Book of Revelation and has been teaching from this Book in his ministry, Patmos Bible Explorer. Ps George latest book, "The One New Man in Christ - the ultimate revelation of all time" was written after an intense period of searching for the key from heaven to unlock the door of our nation's destiny.
about the speaker
Rev. Kong Hee is pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore, a church which has grown from 20 to 15,000 menmbers in only ten years. The church has a bible school and heads up a social work which reaches out to street-kids, the old and the intellectually handicapped.

Kong Hee holds is well-known in Asia principally for his dynamic teaching on faith. Together with his wife, Yeow-Sun Ho, his vision is to train workers and leaders and through them establish strong local churches in every Asian country.
about the speaker
Ps Dr Ir Niko Njotorahardjo is the Senior Pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the world. He pastors more than 400 churches in Indonesia, Europe, Australia, Asia, U.S.A. and Canada. He is also one of the committee members of the Gereja Bethel Indonesia National Board of Committee.

His apostolic and prophetic ministry has created great impact to the world. He is one of the most sought-after conference speakers in speaking the will of God for nations of the world, imparting the anointing of intimacy with God, and raising up church leaders to build Prayer Towers in their cities and countries.
about the speaker
Rev. Tom Hess is the founder and Pastor of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, President of Progressive Vision International and All Nations Convocations Jerusalem. His home has been in Jerusalem, Israel since October 1987.

Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations maintain a 24 hour Prayer Watch where increasing numbers of Pastors and prayer leaders are bringing groups of Watchmen from their Nations to pray with us in Jerusalem. We also are encouraging the development of 24 hour Watches around the world to pray for Jerusalem and Israel and the Nations.

Presently we are in contact with thousands of 24 hour Watches in the nations of the world. Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations - All Nations Convocations Jerusalem also publishes the Watchmen's Journal three times a year and the International Prophetic Prayer Alert monthly.
about the speaker
Ps. Ulf Ekman is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden. The church has 2000 members, has extensive Mission Program, runs a number of educational facilities and produces books in several languages, audiotapes and video containing faith inspiring teaching.

In Russia alone 5 million books have been distributed. Ulf Ekman regularly holds seminars for pastors and other Christian leaders in many different nations. Since February 2002 Pastor Ulf Ekman and his wife, Birgitta, travel extensively establishing the international ministry of Word of Life.
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