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RESOURCES / conferences / 2004 Wholistic Christian Counselling in Asia -- Workshop 3
2004 Wholistic Christian Counselling in Asia -- Workshop 3
2 CDs
By Johnathan Lee, Esther Tzer Wong, Harold Robers, Gary R. Collins, Wei-Jen Huang, Simon Yiu Chuen Lee & Belinda Khor
27 hours

1. Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry Part 1&2 (Pastor Johnathan Lee)
2. Ministering to Abused Women and Children Part 1&2 (Mrs Esther Tzer Wong)
3. A Model for Psycho-Spiritual Growth (Dr Harold Robers)
4. Postmodernism, The Emergent Church and the New Face of Christian Counselling (Dr Gary Collins)
5. ϰ (ʲʿ)
6. ר⽲/ (ҫȫʿ)
7. ĸ (ԕ)
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about the speaker
Johnathans journey in healing and deliverance began when he was studying business at the University of Windsor. The Lord called him into a 40 days fast and gave to him his first understanding and experience of Inner Healing. During his university days, he ministered amongst his friends. After completing his university, he began his ministerial training with Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and then went on to pursue his M.T.S. with the Ontario Theological Seminary. It was at OTS that he studied the practice of deliverance with Dr. Roy Matheson. During his early days of ministry in Canada, he also had the privilege of receiving the teaching and experiencing the ministry of inner healing of Wholeness Through Christ. Subsequently, he received training from basic to the advance course on healing and deliverance with Ellel Ministry in U.K. Pastor Johnathan joined the staff at Trinity Christian Centre in 1996 and has been a Geographical District pastor until he was assigned to spear-head the development of DEW (Divine Exchange & Wholeness) Ministry in the year 2000. Today, Pastor Johnathan heads the DEW Center, which encompasses the DEW Ministries for healing and deliverance, the Family Life Ministries for counselling and the Life Skills Ministries.
about the speaker
Esther Tzer Wong is the Executive Director of St. Andrew's Lifestreams (SAL), a community service of the St. Andrew's Mission Hospital. SAL delivers training to churches and community based organizations in counselling, mediation, group work skills and pastoral care. Esther has been working with families affected by violence and abuse and/or addiction since 1980 and was the Founder-President of the Society Against Family Violence from 1992 to 1995.
about the speaker
Harold Robers is a Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor in private practice. He is a graduate of the University of Singapore, and was trained at Denver Seminary, the Rosemead School of Psychology (Biola University), and the University of Southern California. He has a strong commitment to the integration of psychological and spiritual principles to personal and family growth and development. He teaches at several tertiary level institutions and trains and supervises professional counsellors and psychologists.
about the speaker
Gary R. Collins is a licensed clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University. He is the author of about 200 articles and almost 60 books, including Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide, Family Shock: Keeping Families Strong in the Midst of Earthshaking Change, and The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling. His most recent book is Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality. Dr Collins grew up in Canada, served for twenty years as Professor of Psychology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (now Trinity International University), and for eight years headed the 15,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors. He founded and for eight years edited Christian Counseling Today, and was general editor of all 42 professional books published in the "Christian Counseling Resources," and "Contemporary Christian Counseling" series. He frequently travels overseas and within North America to speak on coaching, leadership, trends in Christian counseling, and related issues. He has a part time faculty position at Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta and currently chairs The Bridge Institute, an organization committed to equipping and empowering next generation leaders through coaching.
about the speaker
Wei-Jen Huang is a Clinical Psychologist and a medical school faculty member at Northwestern University. He directs the Group Psychotherapy and Psychological Outreach Program at the Northwestern University Psychological Services. Dr Huang conducts group, marital, family, and cross-cultural psychotherapy, and is actively involved in teaching, writing, training, and clinical practice. Dr Huang is considered an international expert on multicultural as well as Asian marital and family issues, and has been invited by many counseling centers, medical schools and other professional mental health organizations to train their clinicians. Dr Huang has published two books: "To Love is to Cherish Each Other: Effective Communication Skills for Couples" and "Mourning into Dancing: Understanding and Managing Relationship Crisis". He has also published numerous articles and audio/video materials on marital and family relationships and multicultural counseling. Regarded by many as a thoughtful and inspiring speaker, Dr Huang has been invited to conduct psychological and relationship seminars in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
about the speaker
Simon Lee is an Associate Fellow Professor teaching counseling and spirituality at the Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong. He is also the Director of the Pastoral Institute and Doctor of Ministry Program. As a practicing professional, he specializes in marriage and family therapy. An ordained minister of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Rev Dr Lee also helps with the ministry of the North Point Alliance Church in Hong Kong.

In the past 5 years he has authored over 10 books in Chinese, and writes a regular weekly column in Christian Times and another in Ming Pao Daily. He has founded Life and Marriage Enrichment Limited to promote the training of counsellors and premarital and marriage counselling in Hong Kong. He has lived in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada, and is married to Lydia with 4 children, Sarah, Hannah, Lucas and Dorcas.
about the speaker
Belinda is a professional counsellor and the Manager of AoXiang Counselling Service. In her twenty years of experience in counselling, she has trained scores of counsellors and pre-school teachers and released numerous public forum CDs. She specializes in Child and Teenager Psychotherapy, as well as Marriage and Family Counselling. Under her name are three publications, namely, The Complete Teenagers Handbook, Parenting Support Groups Handbook, and Premarriage Counselling Handbook. Ms Khor is a Singaporean though she was born in Taiwan. She is happily married with two sons.
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